Perfect Peace Gods Way

Perfect Peace can really be elusive. The world's ideas of peace can leave us wondering if there is any other way. Man's ways always point us to men as the answer. However, what does the Bible say?

If you're searching for inner peace or some type of personal peace from life's storm, see some of the answers that God has laid out in His Word for the true Perfect Peace which comes from Him.

After all, shouldn't you find out for yourself?

God's Global Peace Plan

Is Your Church Going Purpose Driven?
How Can You tell?

Personal Peace Gods Way

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Who's Driving the Purpose Driven Church in Chinese

Global Peace Plan Vs Scripture in Chinese

Author James Sundquist

Composer and author James Sundquist is founder of a biblical discernment ministry known as Rock Salt Publishing. He is the author of two extraordinary documentaries on the teachings of Rick Warren entitled Who's Driving the Purpose Driven Church? and Rick Warren's Global Peace Plan Vs Scriptural Teachings on Peace. He is the founder of another musical production company where he was the executive producer, composer, and guitarist. James has also been a developer of health-maintenance compliance software for such clients as Sony, NordicTrack, and Prevention magazine.

He has written and produced two documentaries on the history of hymns and Christmas carols (for which James was nominated for a Grammy for Best Album Notes) that aired on National Public Radio, Calvary Satellite Network, Family Life Radio Network, Salem Broadcasting, and the Armed Forces Radio Network. James' first solo record album is entitled Freedom Flight on Lamb and Lion records for Pat Boone Productions. He is also winner of the National Wilbur Award in Broadcast Journalism for his documentary on the history of hymns and one the Armstrong Memorial Research Foundation Certificated of Merit for his documentary on the history of Christmas carols.

Composer and Author James Sundquist

James was a biblical commentator on a video creation series entitled Age of the Earth for Creation Science Evangelism. He also wrote and produced a documentary and video on creation and prophecy entitled: Creation and Prophecy: Does God Expect Man to Be Able to Tell Time?

James has also been a guest on All Things Considered (National Public Radio), hundreds of Christian radio stations and national programs including Southwest Radio Ministries, VCY America, Radio Liberty, Andy Anderson Live (WMCA-WWDJ, New York), Drew Marshall Show (Toronto, Canada), Moody Broadcasting Network, Family Life Radio Network, The Byte Show, The Center for Changing World Views, The Edge with Daniel Ott, WMUZ Radio, Voice of Truth Radio, and Creation Science Evangelism with Dr. Kent Hovind.

James is a regular contributor to a number of biblical discernment ministries and journals such as The Conservative Theological Journal, Worldview Weekend, Be Alert (Moriel), Dispatch Magazine (Australia), Christian Witness Ministries (Australia), Messianic Perspectives, Prophezine Magazine, Former Catholics for Christ, Cutting Edge Ministries, Cephas Ministries, MacGregor ministries, MM Outreach, Gentle Shepherd, Proclamation Invitation and Warning, Kjos Ministries, Apologetics Coordination Team, Apocalyptic Hope, The Midnight Herald, The Gist, Media Spotlight, Let Us Reason, Eastern Regional Watch, Spiritual Counterfeits Project, Prophecy Update News and Information for the End Times, and Hope for the World. James has done research for Bob Dewaay on the purpose driven and church growth movement and co-authored an article with him entitled: "How Rick Warren Is Masquerading As an Angel of Light Transforming Your Church and Country."

James counsels families and churches in the US, Canada, Netherlands, New Zealand, Australia, Africa, and around the world who have been destroyed by purpose driven teachings and programs. James has a heart to spread the gospel and to serve the body of Christ. His works on exposing the purpose-driven, emerging church, and mystic plague are a must-read for any serious Bible studying student.

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If there is anyone out there who is looking for a ministry that teaches what the Bible really says about 'perfect peace'; or if you are a fugitive or refugee from a Purpose-driven or other type of Emerging church, please send us an email. We can't guarantee we can direct you, but we will try. We will also refer you to great sermons online.

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