Perfect Peace Plan

The Perfect Peace Plan

Is there really such a thing? Typically the meaning of peace usually describes either a society or relationship between people that is generally understood as the absence of hostility. This can be applied to both personal and national relationships.

For centuries man has determined within himself to somehow find what is often very elusive, namely true lasting peace. This has been tried by taking on various forms throughout the centuries. For some peace is no war and yet for others peace is a state of mind achieved through different methods of meditation and disciplines. If you take a look at Google, for example, you will find all of the various types of peace such as peace through salvation, Middle East peace, peaceful, inner peace, global peace, nobel peace prize, at peace, about peace, peace making, and purpose driven peace plan. These different types have been searched for by people all over the world for centuries.

In our day and age there is this melding of various forms of thought on how to achieve a long and lasting type of global and personal peace. Usually with each of these types we are always presented with some form of a man-centered attempt to achieve the impossible. History has shown that nations have pursued this by military means such as the Roman Empire while others like Gandhi believed in using a type of passive resistance to bring about social change through non violent methods thereby hoping to effect the world through his efforts to bring in lasting peace to all mankind.

However, history when studied has shown the exact opposite. Instead we see strife and chaos throughout every nation. Today during our time there is a new method of trying to achieve the ever-elusive global and personal peace through "new" types of men's philosophies. It has gained so much ground in our world that we simply must ask the question, "Is this new Global Peace Plan really going to work?" Or is there a problem with this new paradigm view that will only lead us down the same path, namely destruction? This new plan called "The P.E.A.C.E. Plan" has been birthed out of the Purpose Driven series of books by Rick Warren.

Rick Warren's Global Peace Plan vs. Scriptural Teachings on Peace

The book by author James Sundquist titled "Rick Warren's Global Peace Plan vs. Scriptural Teachings on Peace" is a hard hitting expose on the teaching of Warren's P.E.A.C.E. Plan that was unveiled at Angel Stadium in California to an audience of 30,000 people. What is startling about this new global peace plan is not so much what it contains, but what it does not contain. Much like other forms of peace throughout the ages, its plan prescribes a peaceful kingdom now which the world loves to hear. If your church is into the Purpose Driven Church movement and is into pursuing the P.E.A.C.E. plan, you owe it to yourself to get James Sundquist's book and learn of the methods and practices inherent in this Global P.E.A.C.E plan.

Remember that Warren and others may be seeking to prepare a place for us that where we are, Jesus may be also; then however, Jesus has gone to Heaven to prepare a place for us that where He is, we may be also. Get the book and learn the only true Peace Plan given to men.

Mark 8:36
For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?

John 14:27
Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you.